Modern Day Memories at Fort Atkinson Our 10-page feature, “Modern Day Memories at Fort Atkinson,” includes Dean Slader and his volunteers reenacting the past for the benefit of future generations.
Lincoln's O Street Lincoln Nebraska, O Street, Longest Main Street, main street, long, downtown, nebraska, world record, record, shopping, culture, business, history, Morton Salt Company, Lancaster, John M. Young, Locust Street, Yia Yia Pizza, Dietze Music Shop, Dietze Music House
Nebraskan Director - Alexander Payne Omaha native Alexander Payne is known for his quirky, dark, and humorous directing style, as seen in About Schmidt, Sideways and The Descendants.
Pitzer Ranch Fall Horse Sale Pitzer Ranch's Fall Horse Sale draws equine buyers and admirers from around the world to the Sandhills.
Navigating the Snake River Below Cherry County's Merritt Dam slithers the sinuous Snake River. Hiding sacred land and secret hideouts alike, there is no telling what other twists and turns await us on Snake River.
If The Boot Fits Folklore explains the worn cowboy boots seen on Nebraska’s roadsides.
Town Story: Kearney Even in the dead of a prairie winter, it’s still warm and toasty in one of Nebraska’s liveliest cities. Kearney, Nebraska is all about offering warm welcomes, bridging gaps, and making dreams come true.
Winter of 1948-1949 Nebraska's worst winter ever. Recollections pile up 70 years after the epic winter of 1948-1949
Cool Caves Native Stone Native Americans were the first human residents of Nebraska’s natural caves. The sandstone cavern at modern day Indian Cave State Park near Shubert is thousands of years old. Petroglyphs depicting wild animals, as well as a man on a horse, give the park its name. There had already been
Dobby's Frontier Town Dobby Lee built a frontier town and a lifetime of stories, and now his friends keep both alive
North Platte Canteen Throughout World War II, thousands of Nebraska women greeted the troops in North Platte with songs, smiles, and hot food.
Dick Orleans' Rocky Mountain Hummingbirds Hummingbirds dart in and out of view in the blink of an eye, their wings beating 60 times a second. Photographer Dick Orleans uses skill and patience to capture fleeting images of the tiny travelers that have flown across the continent for a springtime sojourn in the Rockies.
Web Extra - Find Colorado Cherries Colorado Life Magazine’s July/August 2018 issue features some great recipes using Colorado-grown tart cherries (aka sour cherries or pie cherries). The first step of each recipe is the same: Buy some Colorado-grown tart cherries. While Colorado’s tart-cherry production is just a tiny fraction of wha
The Lark Bunting: Underdog State Bird How the Lark Bunting went from underdog to state bird.
Mysterious Origins of the Denver Omelet The history of the Denver omelet. Origins of the Denver omelet. Who invented Denver omelet. Western omelet.
Vail's Little Diner Has Big Personality Vail's Little Diner may be small, but the dishes whipped up by owner and chef Brain Little are anything but. Offering slope-side service and hearty portions of home-cooked delights, this diminutive diner has quickly earned a big reputation.
The Legacy of Samson 20 years after the untimely passing of Samson, the legendary Elk Patriarch of Estes lives on.
Town Story: Castle Rock Castle Rock's foundation was based on rhyolite quarries, ranching and railroads but recent growth in technology industries has helped the city south of Denver expand exponentially without losing its small-town feel.
Colorado Gators Students in Jay Young’s gator-wrestling class, at his Colorado family farm, might be thrill-seekers, but by wrestling the reptiles, they’re also helping move the animals so they can be treated for illness or injuries.
Five fall color hotspots near the Denver metro area #4: Kenosha Pass U.S. Highway 285 west of Denver cuts through one of the most pristine segments of the Colorado Trail. Look for a large parking area near the summit of the pass to get out of your car, stretch your legs and walk comfortably under arching aspen trees in fall foliage.
MacGregor Ranch: Where the Old West never died There are two ways to learn about the cowboys of the Old West: You can read a history book, or you can experience the real thing at a place like MacGregor Ranch in Estes Park.
Colorado's State Symbols Can you go to jail for picking columbines? Is a lark bunting a lark or a bunting? Does our state fish even exist? We answer these and more questions about the symbols that define Colorado.
The Great Flood of 2011 The roar of the Missouri flowing through the 14 floodgates spanning the shared Nebraska and South Dakota border was a hungry lion waiting to pounce. Soon the nation’s longest river would attack Nebraska with one of the worst floods in its history.
Town Story: Niwot The town of Niwot is halfway between Boulder and Longmont. Actually, it’s halfway between a lot of things.
Smaldone, Denver's Mob Family Brothers Clyde and Checkers Smaldone used their north Denver family restaurant, Gaetano’s, as the headquarters from which they built a mob empire. The Smaldone underworld enterprise died out, but Gaetano’s remains.
Memories of Peony Park Once upon a time, Omaha’s iconic playland had thrilling rides, sandy beaches and music from legendary stars.
Omaha Steaks Recipes Executive Chef Karl Marsh of Omaha Steaks serves up a sizzling symphony of recipes
Nebraska's One-Room Schoolhouses School days, school days, dear old golden rule days. Readin' and 'ritin' and 'rithmetic...Welcome to our school daze. Here's a history lesson from four of Nebraska's historic one-room schoolhouses.
Town Story: Eustis In the heart of Nebraskan heartland, small town Eustis offers up the best and the 'wurst' of the good life.
Heaven on the Devil's Backbone The Devil's Backbone may look - and sound - intimidating, but this unusual stretch of craggy rock offers Coloradans a heavenly time on the outskirts of Loveland.
Fourteen 14ers Loved by Colorado Colorado has more than 50 mountain peaks above 14,000 feet. These 14 are the most loved, appreciated, revered and feared.
Town Story: Curtis DURING 17 YEARS as mayor of Curtis, only one candidate has ever run against Kevin Brown. “He only got four votes,” said Brown, who is also commander-in-chief of his family’s building-supply business in downtown Curtis.
Penny-Smashing Road Trip Millions of tourists visit Colorado each year with a short list of things to see while they’re here: Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods, Estes Park, the Coors brewery and the like. But for some 'elongate collectors', the pilgrimage to these locations is made to obtain more than just new memories.
The Tale of Oskar Blues Brewery From small-town restaurant to burgeoning brewing empire, Oskar Blues is a true-blue family establishment known for serving up down-home southern food, music, and brews
Ridgway's Legendary True Grit Cafe Legend and reality meet in Ridgway, where the True Grit Cafe serves up home-cooked western fare to John Wayne afficionados and genuine cowboys alike.
Unaweep-Tabeguache Historic and Scenic Byway Located south of Grand Junction and running southwest from Whitewater, the glorious Unaweep-Tabegauche Scenic and Historic Byway sweeps through unfathomably deep canyons and climbs skyscraper plateaus, taking us on a winding journey through an ancient and historied land.
Colorado Springs' Air Force Academy The Air Force equivalent of West Point may be just a stone's throw from Colorado Springs, but for basics at the academy, there is still a long blue line to walk before they can earn their wings.
11 Colorado Ghost Towns Colorado's gold rush brought humanity and hardship to these rocky mountains. Mining towns popped up by the dozen, but just as quickly found themselves abandoned as the politics of man and nature shifted. The 11 ghost towns on our list might be haunted by the past, but it isn't hard to find the beau
Town Story: Trinidad As you walk down Main street in Trinidad, nestled along the Front Range 12 miles north of the New Mexico line, there’s no mistaking it for any other place in Colorado.
Husker Volleyball's Queens of the Court With three national championships, and four Olympic athletes, Nebraska volleyball’s storied program is hard to match.
8 Great Fall Photo Spots From vistas of golden aspens under snowcapped mountains to scenes of slithering rivers on the plains lined by cottonwoods, Colorado is full of fall photo opportunities. September and October are the peak months to go leaf-peeping. Here are eight great spots spanning the state to capture autumn with
A Stay at Union Station Denver’s old train station took on a new life when the Crawford Hotel opened last year. Using the hotel as a base camp, people can explore Denver, or simply explore Union Station’s shops and restaurants – and perhaps enjoy a cocktail from bartender Hunter Byrne at the Cooper Lounge.
Canyon Pintado's Rock Art The rock walls of Canyon Pintado have served as a massive canvas for thousands of years, preserving the history of the land and it's people against both natural and human destruction.
Colorado Hot Springs Resorts Here is a full list of Colorado hot springs to visit. Check out a snippet of our feature story on the Historic Hot Springs Loop.
Bending History at Bent's Old Fort Ever wondered what life was like for frontier-era fur traders? Visit the living history museum at Bent's Old Fort and experience it for yourself
Estes Park Living on the front doorstep of heaven.
Family reinvents Ferris wheel Victor Wisdom and Carol Wisdom-Silvey of Wisdom Rides are the fourth generations of their family in the carnival business.
Town Story: Long Pine Pining for 'Hidden Paradise'? Long Pine has got you covered. Tucked away between crystal-clear creeks and verdant forests, this hidden gem offers up a refreshing slice of small-town Americana.
Sandhills Racing - Web Extra
The Mystery of Alfred Packer It's was no secret that prospector and blizzard survivor Alfred Packer had dined on human flesh, but was he driven to cannibalism by desperation, or was the preparation of his unusual meal premeditated?
Arvada's Santa U Everybody knows that Santa Claus’ workshop is at the North Pole, but where’s Santa University? In Arvada, it turns out. The Noerr Programs, the Colorado company that provides Santas to 225 shopping centers in 38 states, hosts Santa University annually at its Arvada headquarters.
More about the Transcontinental Railroad Bright-yellow Union Pacific locomotives have thundered across Nebraska’s landscape since the highly recognizable “armour yellow” coating was first applied in 1934.
Bess Streeter Aldrich Foundation 2022 Short Story Contest Nebraska writer Bess Streeter Aldrich’s books and short stories still inspire readers more than six decades after her death. Aldrich fans of all ages can harness their own creativity and enter the Bess Streeter Aldrich Foundation’s annual short story contest. The winner of the 2021 contest is Jeff J
Phoenix of Lake Powell How five brothers found one another on two houseboats in Lake Powell
Salt Fever Bonneville racers make annual pilgrimage to 'Get on the salt'
Great Salt Lake Birding Some birds like the high country. Some prefer the desert sagebrush. Some hang out in fresh water. Others thrive on saline lakes. Still others return generation after generation to their ancestral lands. These five Great Salt Lake Basin ecosystems are havens for wildlife and wildlife lovers.
The Flying Engens Ski-loving band of brothers brought joy to Utah’s slopes
Quilt of Many Colors The Patchwork Parkway, also called Scenic Byway 143, is a 55-mile paved ribbon of roadway weaving through landscapes rainbowed by eroded orange cliffs, aspen forests checkered with golden leaves, trout-stocked turquoise lakes and historic towns lined with red-brick bungalows.