January/February 2023 NL

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  • We’re starting the new year with a new tradition: The Good Life List. In our first issue of the year, we highlight why we love Nebraska and think it’s a special place. We celebrate kolaches, cranes, dark skies and a “capitol” guy. Story by Megan Feeney.
  • Are we alone, or have extraterrestrials visited the Cornhusker State? In this reprint “UFOs in Nebraska” from our archives, updated with a new sidebar about drone sightings, Nebraskans have encountered strange things. Story by Alan J. Bartels and Lauryn Higgins. Illustrations by Anthony Kuhlmann.
  • In a Cinderella story, the underrated Winnebago girls basketball team went to the state tournament for the first time in three decades. Two seasons later, they’re still taking their shots and winning. Story by Tim Trudell. Photos by Megan Feeney.
  • During World War II, Fort Robinson became the leading K-9 Corps dog training center in the U.S. Dogs learned to attack enemies, alert troops to danger and deliver messages. Now that’s a good pup! Story by Megan Feeney.
  • Winter Reading Roundup Traveling during winter months can be challenging. Still, there’s no need to leave the couch to explore the state with these books featuring Nebraska connections. Story by Megan Feeney.
  • Most people think of spring as a time for renewal, but for photographer Derrald Farnsworth-Livingston subject of our Icy Allure Photo Essay, nothing symbolizes a fresh start like a blanket of crisp white winter snow. He’ll be out there. Story by Megan Feeney. Photographs by Derrald Farnsworth-Livingston.
  • In our Kitchens department, the Chinese Year of the Rabbit hops onto the scene on Jan. 22, 2023. A couple with a popular Omaha restaurant shares their favorite recipes to bless the new year – and taste buds. Photos by Megan Feeney.