January/February 2022 NL

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  • South Omaha Mural Project. Artists and community members work together to depict the rich history and culture of this thriving neighborhood. Story by Megan Feeney.
  • Ice Photo Essay. Photographers from across Nebraska contribute their coolest shots to this photo essay that reflects on our state’s natural wonders and the lessons we can learn.
  • Hartington Veterinarians. Erin and Ben Schroeder treat injured and sick animals, renovate historic buildings and star in a National Geographic Wild reality show that broadcasts the town of Hartington into homes around the world. Story by Megan Feeney, Photographs by Brooke Steffen-Kleinschimt.
  • Charles Henry Morrill. Morrill Hall: University of Nebraska State Museum has many natural history wonders thanks to the man whose love for archaeology and commitment to fund digs in Nebraska kept them here. Story by Tim Trudell.
  • 13 Architectural Curiosities. Nebraskans have built structures to protect and provide for their people, honor their history and elevate beauty in their communities – and they’ve used creative methods to get it done. Story by Megan Feeney.
  • Winter Reading. Cozy up with new books featuring Nebraska connections, including a thriller set in the Sandhills, a collection of medical nonfiction mysteries by an Omaha doctor and new poetry from Ted Kooser and Marjorie Saiser. Story by Megan Feeney.
  • Kitchens. Whether you’re on team cinnamon roll or team cornbread, chili combined with an oven-baked treat warms up winter days. By Danelle McCollum.