July/August 2012 CL

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  • Fourteen 14ers Loved by Colorado
  • Quest to Span the Royal Gorge
  • Olympic Training Center Dreams
  • Travel by Time Machine at the History Colorado Center
  • Unaweep-Tabeguache Scenic Byway
  • Burlington: A Swirl of Action on the Plains
  • Pueblo’s Weisbrod Aircraft Museum
  • Bradford Rhea Gives New Life to Sterling Trees
  • Fourteen 14ers Loved by Colorado

    AS THE EARTH rolled and heaved with colossal geologic shifts, the Rocky Mountains of Colorado slowly rose into shape. For the last few million years, they’ve looked basically the same as they do now. But, during those many millennia since,…
  • Unaweep-Tabeguache Historic and Scenic Byway

    SOUTH OF GRAND Junction, Highway 141 runs southwest from Whitewater, crosses the Gunnison River and winds into a jagged canyon strewn thick with tumbled boulders. Lichens speckle sharp rocks like history’s map. It’s a severe canyon…