September/October 2021 NL

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  • Halsey Trail Ride. Horse lovers gather for their annual reunion among the pines in the Nebraska National Forest. Story and photos by Alan J. Bartels.
  • Offut Lab. Modern day heroes work to identify Americans lost during war. Story by Sarah Woodman Kansteiner.
  • DeGroot’s Orchard. Drivers detour for roadside produce from Madison’s five-generation DeGroot family. Story by Nina Buck.
  • Fort Calhoun Meat Market. Artisan butcher uses traditional techniques to “cure” homesickness near Omaha. Story by Jackie Fox. Photos by Kenzie Hunter Hokanson.
  • Erik Johnson. Lincoln resident explores Nebraska with camera in hand seeking out stunning images on the edge of day and night. Story by Alan J. Bartels. Photos by Erik Johnson.
  • Straight Arrow Bison Ranch. Bison return to their historic range in Custer County. Story and photos by Alan J. Bartels.
  • Wahoo’s Famous Sons. Saunders County is blessed with more than its fair share of notable Nebraskans. Story by Alan J. Bartels.
  • Nebraska Kitchens. A bushel of apple recipes sweeten autumn in Nebraska. Recipes by the DeGroot family. Photos by Chris Amundson.