When does the first magazine in my subscription arrive?

Usually within 4 weeks. If you need a magazine sooner, such as for a gift, please call our office to expedite your order (nominal shipping charges may apply): 1-800-777-6159.

When do my non-subscription products arrive?

Calendars, books, clothing and back issues typically arrive within two weeks, but please call, email or make a note on your order if you need any product sooner.

Is my subscription refundable?

Yes, no questions asked, we are happy to provide a full refund on all remaining magazines in your subscriptions or gift subscriptions. We can also transfer remaining issues in a subscription to another subscriber, such as in the case of death of a family member.

How do I initiate a refund?

Call us at 1-800-777-6159 or email subscriptions@flagshippublishing.com. Refund checks are typically processed once a month within about four weeks of the refund request.

Which issue will my subscription or my gift subscriptions start with?

Subscriptions marked as “Christmas or Holidays” begin with the January/February issue unless requested otherwise. All other subscriptions start with the “current” issue according to orders received between these dates: 12/2 to 2/1 – January/February; 2/2 to 4/1 – March/April; 4/2 to 6/1 – May/June; 6/2-8/1 – July/August; 8/2-10/1 – September/October; 10/2 to 12/1 – November/December.

What do I do if I miss an issue or received a damaged copy?

Uh, oh, let’s get that corrected! Call or email us and we’ll get a replacement copy out right away: 1-800-777-6159 or subscriptions@flagshippublishing.com.

What time of the month should I expect my magazines?

In the United States, the magazine usually arrives by the first of every other month (January 1, March 1, May 1, July 1, September 1 and November 1). It usually arrives a few weeks later in foreign countries. Please do let us know if you have not received your magazine and we’ll send you a replacement copy.

How do I know when my magazine subscription expires?

We print your “Renewal needed by” date above your name on each magazine. Also, if you get a renewal notice from us in the mail, then your subscription and gift subscriptions are up for renewal within two issues, or sooner. Would you be a pal, and help us save money by renewing when you receive the first renewal notice?

Can I order “back” issues of the magazine?

Typically, yes, back issues are available for sale. Please see website for a list of available issues and prices. Call or email if you’d us to do research on finding any issues not listed.

Can I order subscriptions, books, calendars and clothing to be sent out of the United States?

Yes, subscriptions are an additional $20/year for shipping to Canada and all other foreign countries. Calendars and other merchandise also have foreign shipping charges ranging from $10-$20 per address.

Can I send subscriptions books, calendars and clothing to military APO addresses?

Yes, there is no additional charge for delivery to US military receiving mail through APO addresses.

Can I submit a story idea?

Absolutely! Some of our best story ideas come from our readers. Fire off an email, send us a letter, message us through any of our social media sites or give us a call.

Can I submit stories and photos?

Sure thing, we love to receive story and photo submissions from our readers. Visit the “contribute” page on this website for guidance on how to contribute to the magazine.

How do I advertise?

We’re glad you asked. Visit the “advertise” page on this website or call us at 1-800-777-6159. Deadlines are typically three months prior to publication date (eg. June 1 for the September/October issue).

What if I find an error in the magazine?

It does happen, and we truly do appreciate when our readers “keep us honest.” The best way to let us know is to send us an email to subscriptions@flagshippublishing.com. We’ll pass it along to the editors.

How do I write a letter to the editor?

We’re big fans of our readers. Write to us – we truly enjoy from you. Tell us how a story in the magazine inspired a memory or adventure. Pose a tantalizing question to our editors and readers. Tell us if we got something wrong (we have thick skin). Contact us by email to subscriptions@flagshippublishing.com or mail to the address listed at the bottom of this webpage.

Where are you based?

We have writers, editors and photographers all over the state. Our subscriptions center and other offices are in Windsor, Colorado.

Who owns the magazine?

The magazine is owned by Flagship Publishing, Inc., which was started in 1995 as Nebraska Life Publishing, Inc., by husband and wife team Chris and Angela Amundson. Chris and Angela were born and raised in Norfolk, Nebraska. In 2012, they started Colorado Life Magazine and moved to Colorado to run that magazine. In 2018, with an appreciation for Colorado’s neighboring state to the west, they launched Utah Life Magazine. Chris and Angela are heavily involved in the daily details of all three magazines. You can reach Chris at camundson@flagshippublishing.com and Angela at aamundson@flagshippublishing.com or by calling 1-800-777-6159.

Is there an additional charge for taxes?

State and local taxes are included in the price of subscriptions, books, calendars and clothing. There are no additional charges.

Is there an additional charge for postage?

Postage costs are included in the price of subscriptions. Some books, calendars and clothing might carry shipping charges beginning at $4 per address.

I have a hard time parting with my old issues of the magazine… what should I do?

So many of our readers love the magazine and fret at the thought at throwing them away. Might we suggest donating your copies to a local school, nursing home or hospital?

Can I get a discount on my magazine subscription?

Your subscription helps us pay writers, photographers, editors, designers, salespeople, printers and the U.S. Postal Service (postage costs keep going up and up). Unlike the big national magazines, we try to keep our subscription prices fair and equal for everyone. However, we are happy to extend special pricing for bulk orders beginning at 50 subscriptions (it makes a great gift for clients and employees). Call or email us at subscriptions@flagshippblishing.com or 1-800-777-6159 to talk about bulk orders.

Do you have digital subscriptions?

In short, no. We have experimented with digital subscriptions and have found that very few of our readers want or use them. We’re always open for re-evaluating digital subscriptions. If you prefer digital, please call or email us at subscriptions@flagshippublishing.com and tell us what platform or service you like to use and whether you want digital-only or print + digital.

Are you hiring?

Please see the “careers” page of this website for current openings. Don’t see your desired career listed? Then send us your resume and a cover letter telling us about yourself to careers@flagshippublishing.com.

Where can I find the magazine on newsstands?

The magazine is sold at most major grocery retail stores in the state, and also at Barnes and Noble. Can’t find it? Call or email us and we’re try to give some names of a few stores in your community. Or, we’re glad to send you one for a nominal charge. 1-800-777 6159 or subscriptions@flagshippublishing.com.

Do you publish your stories online?

Typically, no. We’re a print magazine. We write the stories, shoot the photos, design the layouts and create the local advertisements to be enjoyed in the print format. It’s worked well for us as a business model, and tens of thousands of subscribers seem to enjoy the magazine in this format.