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  1. Nov/Dec 2023 NL
    • Scented Stocking Stuffers Santa sweetens Nebraska homes for the holidays with help from Cornhusker families who create lavender, wood and “bay rum” scents in candles, soaps, aftershave and bath bombs. By Cheyenne Rowe
    • Looking Close at Cather Red Cloud celebrates the 150th birthday of its Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Willa Cather, who is remembered in the same class as other American literary greats for her novels that memorialize Great Plains pioneers. Essay by Ashley Olson
    • Block 16 Restaurant Paul and Jess Urban created what a national food critic called the “best burger in America,” a review that helped put their downtown Omaha restaurant on the nation’s culinary map. By Tom Hess
    • Nebraska’s Peaks Nebraska’s summits are not mountains, but peaks – jewels nestled throughout the state. For those with curiosity and adventure in their hearts, there is a range of beauty to be found in our vast landscape. Story by Matthew Spencer Photographs by Steve and Bobbi Olson

    ON OUR COVER Nebraska’s famed author, Willa Cather, didn’t always smile for the camera, but on this occasion, it was her 63rd birthday, Dec. 7, 1936. Photography credit: National Willa Cather Center

  2. Utah Life Collector's Set - 2019

    Get caught up with the second year of Utah Life - complete in one Collector's Set. The 6-issue set includes the January/February 2019, March/April 2019, May/June 2019, July/August 2019, September/October 2019 and November/December 2019 issues. Makes a great gift for the Utah aficionados in your family.

  3. Nov/Dec 2023 CL
    • Barns in Winter Photographers can’t turn their lenses away from the magnificent contrast of time-worn barns, undisturbed snow and Colorado mountain peaks – and maybe a snowy owl or two. By Tom Hess
    • DIA Helpers Meet the people and other creatures who help navigate your way through Denver International Airport crowds and construction. By Tom Hess
    • Colorado Farm Brewery Fearless farm kids grew up to embrace innovation on their great grandfather’s San Luis Valley land and keep it in the family through malting and a brewery. By Tom Hess
    • Craving Colorado The Roaring Fork Valley makes hearts race on its slopes and in its kitchens – the perfect pairing of snow and smoked brisket and other delights. By Carla Tracy

    ON THE COVER Wilson Peak rises above the weather-worn Hoggs Ranch dairy barn near Telluride. Story begins on page 16. Photo by Andrew Carafelli

  4. Fall 2023 UL
    • A World Apart on the Green River A group of strangers quickly bond as they paddle and explore Labyrinth Canyon on the Green River in autumn. Story and photographs by Mike Shubic
    • Wendover and the Atomic Bomb Under a veil of extreme secrecy, Wendover played a crucial role in developing the technology that helped end WW II. Story by Valerie Phillips. Photographs by Chris and Azelan Amundson
    • Torrey’s High Altitude Orchard In a region where water is scarce, a couple leave their careers behind to plant an orchard and delight visitors. Story by Rachel Fixsen Photographs by Austen Diamond
    • Rock Art Mysteries of Northeast Utah In the second installment of our rock art series, a longtime Utah state archeologist’s first encounter with rock art shaped how he views etchings of headhunters and lizards. By Tom Hess
    • Park City’s Kind-Hearted Madam Rachel Urban provided her “soiled doves” with education, etiquette lessons and regular doctor visits, helped out-ofwork miners and donated to local schools. By Brandi Christoffersen

    ON THE COVER Canoers paddle down the Green River’s Labyrinth Canyon during the autumn low-water season. Story begins on page 16. Photo by Mike Shubic.


  5. Sep/Oct 2023 CL
    • Into the Autmn Woods Bold and beautiful Colorado fall colors set the slopes ablaze in this photo essay, where even wild waterfalls and misty mountaintops seem to take the backseat among singing yellow aspens. Story by Matt Masich Photographs by Tad Bowman
    • Flat Top Fall The “Cradle of Wilderness” remains largely untouched by human hands and as such the is allowed burst with color and life through all seasons – and fall is one of the most beautiful to behold. Story and photographs by Joshua Hardin
    • Famous Fort Morgan Displaying honors like being the boyhood home of Glen Miller and the birthplace of Mosqueda Delicacies Ice Cream & More, Fort Morgan is a gracious host to her ever-growing melting pot population. Story Tom Hess
    • Flying W Ranch The days of the crooning cowboy, and chuck wagon cooking, live on alongside the memory of ranch founder Russ Wolfe at this must-visit hootenanny. Story by Tom Hess. Photographs by Joshua Hardin
    On the Cover Colorful Colorado mountainsidesare blanketed in gold and orange during the height of the fall season. Story begins on page 22. Photo by Tad Bowman


  6. Sep/Oct 2023 NL
    • County Capitals, Part Two A true testament to the grit and determination of the pioneer spirit, many of Nebraska’s county courthouses stand today to tell the stories and pride of the past. Take a photographic tour across the state in the second installment of Nebraska Life’s County Capitals series. By Alan J. Bartels
    • Haunted Hollow Indian Cave State Park is the perfect place for some spooky seasonal exploring. In this reprint from our archives, hike and bike 22 miles of scenic trails, right alongside a certified ghost town, St. Deroin, with a past as haunting as it is interesting. Did hot-tempered Joseph Deroin deserve to die over a $6 hog? By Alan J. Bartels
    • Sidney’s Unbeatable Spirit The town of Sidney has a storied history filled with dramatic changes, Wild West adventures and a people fighting to preserve the past, while reaching toward the future. Dive deep and venture to Sidney, saying “hello” to local establishments and unique people on the way. By Megan Feeney
    • Humboldt’s Cancer Memorial Garden One family’s loss inspired a garden of hope, reflection and peace. Take a stroll along the cancer-ribbon shaped pathway, enjoy art installations through every turn and stop to smell the roses. By Lauryn Higgins
    On Our Cover Bright crimson red and rich honey orange leaves, kept company by fallen acorns, grace the ground at Omaha’s Elmwood Park. They are gifts from towering Oak and mighty Maple trees. PHOTOGRAPH BY AJ DAHM
  7. July/Aug 2023 UL
    • Canyonlands’ Maze District The most remote part of any of Utah’s five national parks rewards the intrepid few who brave its wild and beautiful backcountry. Story and photographs by Noah David Wetzel
    • Acropolis of Utah Inspired by a Greek ancestor, a Salt Lake couple builds a limestone home with architecture that puts a modern twist on the Parthenon. By Tom Hess
    • Mighty & Magical Moose This photo essay shows why the state’s moose make a big impression on Utahns who encounter the powerful creatures in the wild. By Rachel Fixsen
    • Four Ghost Towns The residents are long gone, but what they left behind at the sites of their failed communities tells a story of how they lived in days gone by. By Tom Hess
    ON THE COVER A moose swims Silver Lake in Big Cottonwood Canyon. Story begins on page 34. Photo by Evan Jenkins
  8. May/June 2023 UL
    • Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge Birders revel in this marshy oasis that beckons hundreds of thousands of feathered friends to anavian haven near Brigham City. By Allie Wisniewski
    • Slot CanyonsIntrepid canyoneers and hikers defy claustrophobia to discover some of Utah’s mostelusive scenic grandeur. By Matt Masich
    • Joe Hill More than a century after his Salt Lake murdertrial and execution, the labor activist and songwriter remains a powerful if divisive hero. By Matt Masich
    • Scenic Byway This incredible 124-mile road between Torrey and Panguitch features two national parks, one national monument and three state parks. Story and photographs by Joshua Hardin

    ON THE COVER Josh Williams ascends the Main Fork of Angel Cove Canyon in the Robbers Roost area. Photo by Whit Richardson
  9. March/April 2023 UL
    • Fort Buenaventura Mountain man re-enactors get together to fireblack-powder rifles and relive the past at the Ogden site of Utah’s first white settlement. By Allie Wisniewski
    • Red Cliffs Desert Reserve A special piece of nature is set aside to hike and explore near St. George, where the Great Basin, Colorado Plateau and Mojave Desert meet. Story and photographs by Joshua Hardin
    • Photographer Daniel Lindhardt A West Valley City nature photographer travels all over the state with his camera to capture incredible portraits of Utah wildlife. Photographs by Daniel Lindhardt Story by Matt Masich
    • Meet Mr. Moab Lin Ottinger, the 95-year-old owner of Moab Rock Shop, looks back on a remarkable life of dinosaurs, movie stars and Volkswagen buses. By Rachel Fixsen

    ON THE COVER A young porcupine dozes in a Russian olive tree on Antelope Island. Story begins on page 40. Photo by Daniel Lindhard
  10. Nebraska Traveler 2023 NL
    Explore Nebraska with this colorful and useful guide from the travel experts at Nebraska Life. Includes Nebraska’s historic sites, state parks, scenic byways and helpful information about our community attractions, dining, lodging and events.
  11. July/Aug 2023 CL
    • Animals of the Alpine Tundra In this wild and wonderful photo essay, life begins at tree line for the plucky creatures that make their homes on the treeless summits of Colorado’s highest peaks. Story and photographs by Dawn Y. Wilson
    • Going Diagonal, Part 2 Two years after traversing Colorado on a straight line between its southeast and northwest corners, a Boulder woman walks the state along its other diagonal, hiking an ‘X’ across the state map. By India H. Wood
    • Pawnee National Grassland Towering sandstone buttes, singing birds and a sea of prairie invite explorers to a timeless stretch of the Great Plains in northeast Colorado. Story by Lisa Truesdale
    • Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railway An amateur train crew lives out their dream of smoke, soot and steam as they learn to operate a historic locomotive in stunning southern Colorado scenery. Story by Tom HessPhotographs by Joshua Hardin
    ON THE COVER A pika gathers food for its winter reserve on the alpine tundra atop Mount Evans. Story begins on page 20. Photo by Dawn Y Wilson
  12. July/Aug 2023 NL
    • Woody’s Airboat Tours Nothing says “Nebraska” quite like spending summer weekends airboating on the Platte River. One Fremont duo has turned their way of life into work, but relishes the river life more than the money. Experience the laidback lifestyle and dive in. Story by Cheyenne Rowe
    • Healing Lavender A family-run lavender farm in western Nebraska has promoted healing for owner Stephanie Anderson by giving her an outlet to grow a new passion project into a thriving business. Stop in and smell the lavender in this sweet-smelling tale. Story by Megan Feeney
    • Outlaw Trail Scenic Byway Pack up your road-trip essentials and take this 231- mile drive along Nebraska’s Highway 12 from Willis to Valentine. While there might not be any old-time outlaws in these parts, we reckon the history in Ponca, a good burger in Butte, Nebraska’s tallest waterfall at Smith Falls State Park and the scenic Missouri and Niobrara rivers might have stories to tell. By Cheyenne Rowe
    • Glacier Creek Prairie Native prairie grasses, wildflowers and the accompanying zen they create are present in this 525-acre space in northwest Omaha. A pair of prairie pros are trying their best to get it back to what it once was, and to let it be a space for people to enjoy. Story and photographs by Becky McCarville
    • Summer Sunsets This time of year is one of the best for staying awake and experiencing the magic of Nebraska sunsets. Sit back, relax and check out this photographic collection of summer sunsets submitted by subscribers all over the state. By Cheyenne Rowe

    ON OUR COVER An abandoned home near Denton slowly falls to ruin on the prairie. Photograph by Eric Johnson


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