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  1. Utah Life Collector's Set - 2020

    We celebrated the year 2020 with beautiful landscapes, heartwarming stories, delicous recipes and tongue-in-your-cheek Utah humor. New to Utah Life? Then get caught up with the 2020 Collector's Set. The 6-issue set includes the January/February 2020, March/April 2020, May/June 2020, July/August 2020, September/October 2020 and November/December 2020 issues. Makes a great gift for the Utah afficionados in your family.

  2. Utah Life Collector's Set - 2019

    Get caught up with the second year of Utah Life - complete in one Collector's Set. The 6-issue set includes the January/February 2019, March/April 2019, May/June 2019, July/August 2019, September/October 2019 and November/December 2019 issues. Makes a great gift for the Utah afficionados in your family.

  3. November/December 2020 CL
    • Winter Wildlife Portraits. Animals line up for their closeup from an Estes Park photographer. Story by Alan J. Bartels. Photographs by Fi Rust.
    • Idaho Springs. Digging for gold only scratches the surface
      of this mountain city. Story by Ian Neligh. Photographs by Joshua Hardin.
    • Camp Amache. A Granada teacher documents stories of detained Japanese Americans.
      Story by Tom Hess. Photographs by Joshua Hardin.
    • Outdoor Innovators. Colorado companies gear up for wilderness adventures. Story by Kevin Dwyer.
    • Denver Museum of Nature & Science. Dinosaur fossils, dioramas and dedicated collectors of Colorado’s hidden treasures. Story by Tom Hess. Photographs by Joshua Hardin.
  4. November/December 2020 NL
    • Moonrise. The rising moon and setting sun paint Hitchcock County with autumnal hues after Thanksgiving dinner. Story by Nancy Marquette Hashman. Photographs by John Neukirch.
    • Warm Up to Winter. Nebraska’s most talented photographers color Nebraska Life calendars with years’ worth of winter beauty.
    • Antioch: Potash Boomtown. Ancient ruins provide a glimpse into a town and industry that blossomed almost overnight during World War I. Fading memories remain a century later within the Sandhills families who live there. Story by Sheryl Schmeckpeper. Photographs by Alan J. Bartels and Joshua Hardin.
    • Flavors of Court Street. Bakers, brewers and restaurateurs serve flavorful quality of life where Court Street runs through Beatrice. Story and photographs by Alan J. Bartels.
    • International Quilt Museum. Just in time for winter, quilts from around the world join Nebraska’s handcrafted heritage in a one-of-a-kind museum in Lincoln. Story by Nina Buck.
    • Cookie Day. Family traditions rise by the baker’s dozen when the holiday season brings loved ones together in Dakota City. Story by Jennifer Troester.
  5. November/December 2020 UL
    • Above the Rocks and Arches. Tom Till’s aerial photography provides a new and beautiful perspective of Utah’s landscapes. By Tom Till.
    • Fire & Hygiene. Finding fresh air during Utah’s wildfire season can be a difficult journey that leads to adventure, relaxation and long-lasting memories. Story by Zak Sonntag.
    • Torrey Schoolhouse. A historic schoolhouse-turned-bed-and-breakfast carries legends of outlaws and hospitality. Story by Ali Nolan. Photographs by Scott T. Smith.
    • Helper, Utah’s Christmas Town. Helper steals the show during the holidays with its weeks-long festival and electric light parade. Story by Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer.
  6. September/October 2020 NL
    • Junk Jaunt. Relic hunters, hagglers, wheelers, dealers and colorful collectors hit the road in search of rusty gold during Central Nebraska’s 500-mile-long garage sale. One man’s junk is another’s treasure when Nebraskans clean out their attics, closets and barns. Story by Jennifer Troester. Photographs by Darin Epperly.
    • Omaha Fall Foliage. With more than 4 million trees, Nebraska’s largest city lights up with a colorful seasonal kaleidoscope when autumn arrives in Omaha. Story by Alan J. Bartels. Photographs by AJ Dahm.
    • Merrick Strip. Nebraska’s frontier past and a healthy dose of political wrangling combine for a cartographic oddity leaving Merrick County with an eternal thumbs up. Story by James J. Kimble. Photographs by Alan J. Bartels.
    • Tumbleweeds Stand Tall. Adaptable weeds with a knack for survival roll across Nebraska like our state’s hardy pioneers. Story by Nancy Marquette Hashman.
    • State Symbols. Raise a glass of Kool-Aid as we celebrate meadowlarks, mammoths, cottonwoods and the other icons that define our state. Learn how to suggest your own state symbols, too. Story by Alan J. Bartels.
  7. September/October 2020 UL

    Utah Life September/October 2020 issue featuring Utah Cox Honey, Donner-Reed Party, Fish Lake Fall Colors, Sprial Jetty and more.

  8. September/October 2020 CL
    • Counting Courthouses. A dozen photogenic and historic county courthouses help tell the story of Colorado life. Story and photographs by Joshua Hardin.
    • Pueblo Riverwalk. A devastating flood on the Arkansas River a century ago carved a new channel of progress and development in Steel City. Story by Sue McMillin. Photographs by Joshua Hardin.
    • Longmont’s Accidental Cheesemaker. A childhood dream of a farm in the country led Kate Johnson on a path to Longmont, goats, cheese and students around the world. Story by Lisa Truesdale. Photographs by Joshua Hardin.
    • Black-footed Ferrets. Perhaps the greatest come-back story in America, the endangered animals thrive at a Northern Colorado recovery center. Story and photographs by Joshua Hardin.
    • Grand Mesa Byway. The world’s largest flattop mountain plays host to an inspiring display of fall colors, mountain lakes and eye-popping vistas at every turn. Story by Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer and Chris Amundson.
  9. July/August 2020 UL

    Utah Life July/August 2020 issue featuring Utah State Symbols, Old Ephraim, Flaming Gorge Reservoir, Crawdad Canyon and more.

  10. July/August 2020 CL
    • Noah Wetzel learned how to survive in the backcountry amidst the steep windswept landscapes of the Mount Zirkel Wilderness Area in northern Colorado. Story by Vanessa Zimmer Photographs by Noah Wetzel.
    • Grand Junction Rockies: Young fresh-faced baseball players start their pursuit of major-league stardom on western Colorado's Suplizio Field – and Grand Junction loves having them. Story and photographs by Dan Leeth.
    • Hot Dog! Colorado Life launches a search for the finest franks in all of Colorado – wondrous wieners whether dressed in Chicago-style trappings or conveniently encased in cornmeal. Story by Leah M. Charney.
    • Bishop's Castle: Jim Bishop spent a lifetime stacking stones and welding metal to build a dragon-headed castle in the Wet Mountains. Story by Tom Hess.
  11. July/August 2020 NL
    • Cattle and the people who raise them are constants on the Nebraska landscape. These herds and herdsmen solidify Nebraska's status as the “Beef State.”Story by Alan J. Bartels.
    • While cowboys are the real deal in Nebraska our state has produced its fair share of silver screen Western actors. Nebraska's Magnificent Seven takes center stage in this issue. Story by Alan J. Bartels
    • Sandhills Journey. Nebraska's 20000-square-mile natural sandbox is a scenic escape for outdoor adventurers looking to get a little sand between their toes. Story by Alan J. Bartels.
    • Once having made a hasty escape from Cozad the Nebraska town named for his father Robert Henri set the art world on its head. Story by Tom Hess.
    • Carefree summer days bloom at Simpler Thymes Flower Farm in Norfolk. Story by Nina Buck.
    • Beef recipes have hungry readers “moo-ving” toward the grill.
  12. May/June 2020 UL

    Despite its name, Snow Canyon State Park is a playground amidst sandstone, with hiking and rock-climbing opportunities – and the potential for glimpses of the desert tortoise and Utah’s state reptile, the Gila monster. Story and photos by Dan Leeth.

    A faded house poking from stagnant green water alongside U.S. 89 marks the existence of a once-bustling railroad town called Thistle, wiped out by a history-making mudslide and flood in 1983. Story by Vanessa Zimmer.

    The Pony Express of 1860-61 and The Children of Light from the 2002 Winter Olympics are just two of the noteworthy sculptural tributes in Salt Lake City, Utah’s capital. Story by Vanessa Zimmer. Photographs by Brian Nicholson.

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