Our Company

At a glance
Our History

Born in Nebraska in 1997 with the publication of the premiere issue of Nebraska Life Magazine, Flagship Publishing expanded west and established Colorado Life Magazine in May of 2012. We scour our respective states to find the entertaining stories and brilliant photography that bring joy to the lives of our loyal readers. Our creativity extends to special editions and books, and a variety of travel guides with the same mission as our magazine brands, to promote our states.

Our Mission Statement

Flagship Publishing is a family-owned publishing company that offers high-quality, place-centric editorial content and products to consumers. Through creativity, collaboration and consistent effort, our employees create and deliver content and products that delight, inspire and entertain our customers while connecting them to place. Our goal is to be a profitable and family-friendly workplace that encourages personal and professional growth and continued advancement in pay, performance and responsibilities.

Our Audience is diverse. Our subscribers include native born residents, those who adopted our states decades ago, and new neighbors, too. And there are those who grew up here, moved away, and subscribe to stay in touch with “home.” Travelers enamored with our states who hope to return, subscribe to keep that dream alive. Our audience also is made up of the tireless business owners who invest to bolster our communities and strengthen our states.